Rise of the new G.O.Ds

And so it starts...

Episode 1(pt1&2)

Ok so let’s rewind the tape for the pilot show, also known as alpha game, or session zero. This is the time we get to know each other and flesh out rules and general tone of the world. Nothing here is set in stone

Silas the barber extraordinaire was having a normal day till the priest sat in his chair.
It wasn’t the first time he had seen the priest, the old fellow was common in Westgate and was generally considered a good fellow. He had something to do with the running of the local waif house feeding the orphans and homeless and such as those of Pelm do.
Well some at least but more on that later (in forums)
Anyway what made this time odd was the priest was in his barber shop in a chair waiting for service.
But he was also bald

Well never one to turn a customer away without sound reason Sil invited him onto the cutting seat
“soooo…a shave for ye then?” he asked as he lathered up the cream.

So starts a conversation I will just recap. It seems that the old priest knows something of Sil’s “other” life (I’ll let him tell you that part in detail if he wants) and had a delicate issue that needed a delicate hand to resolve. It seemed that a small but very old villa not far west from town was having an problem with bandits or undead or some such thing (the reports are mixed) that has gone on uncontained.

The problem was that the villa was supposedly under the protection of the order of Pelm but since it was a very small villa with little to no donations to the order the “protection” was more than slow in the coming.
So the old priest had the idea of obtaining some local talent on the silence and pay for the service from the township coffers. Of course like all talent (aka adventurers) they are a fucking greedy bunch had there was much too much haggling until the priest had to sweeten the deal from his own pocket


Anyhow once a jingle was added to the pockets and the promise of more to come off they tra la laa’d to the town of Appleseed.

There they investigated and snooped like true adventures, and like true adventures they found themselves in a unknown graveyard at night where there was a strong rumor of undead things attacking folks.

Ok I never said the team was smart

But the “I will bait the bad guys out of hiding by inviting them to kill me” tactic sort of worked and they where beset by a few beast of the not so living kind.
Sharp claws and razor teeth slashed at them but to be honest they fared pretty well…well mostly
The samurai fellow got a bit of taint from the undead and the sickness came on him rather hard after the fight. That’s the thing with undead, they like the gifts that keep on giving.
After the fight they did a bit of investigation and concluded it was a team of vampires they just vanquished and the fighter would be “ok” after a days’ rest.

Again I never said they were smart

So next day comes…(here is the part two part)
And they go to see the old priest in the church…no not THAT old priest I mean the old drunk one in the town. On the way a rather stinky beggar looking type met them and pulled Silas away for a private word. With a gimp explanation of family duties he left the team and followed the beggar back to Westgate

At the church they inform the old friar of the vamps they killed and he had a small freak out. I mean …he is just a old man he can’t deal with vampires. So off he heads to the big city to report to the higher clergy of the issue as he begs the team to stay behind and perhaps find more info as to how and why such evil vile beings are populating the cozy peaceful town. But it MIGHT have something to do with the original monastery that was much farther out of town (I did say it was a old town) that has faded from use or care. You know the one right? The one with the grave yard that got too full so they built the new one closer to town? Yea nobody goes there anymore since it’s rumored to be haunted. (wtf right?)

And of course like true heroes they had to stop and haggle for payment with nobody noticing the shadowy figure listening in to the conversation.

Off the band goes to look into things. They first stop off the scene of last night’s fight to see things in daylight. Some clues were found but mostly they found only more questions. The team then decided to head to the older graveyard and church. Along the way the shadowy figure made himself known.
A ranger of the woods looking to fill his pockets (his story is his to tell) that the team let join in the adventure for a share of the gains.
It was a welcome addition as the team honestly had hard time in the thick woods and overgrown trail leading to the destination

The last rays of life faded as they approached the area and it was a sight to see. An old spiked fence ringed a bleak and wet graveyard, past it all was an old crusty stone building stained black with age and dead vegetation. The kind of scenery that makes most folks just want to take a shit.

As darkness surrounded them the paladins “evil radar” went off the charts. Yea it was crazy nuts undead stuffs everywhere.
Once again the adventurers decided to stay and do something adventurous.
Once again disclaimer …not the smartest team
They decided to try and circumvent the grave yard and hack through all the heavy woods along the outside of the fence to get nearer the church and perhaps gain entry that way without actually going through the burial sites. (you know DMs don’t like when peeps edge or leave the map right?)

Not such a big deal with the ranger but the others had a hard time going through the thick brush. And by a hard time I mean mostly the samurai that got jumped by several zombieish fellows. Being all stuck in the bush and vines he went down faster than Cindy Hill at prom night. Ok you might not get that joke but trust me it was fast.

The team had to ignore the screams of the fighter as they their own problems to deal with. But long story short is zombies are not that hard to kill…you just have to KEEP them dead is the hard part.
Afterward a small rest as they debated what to do next. With a man dead and now low on healing they decided it would be best to just do a frontal sneak and assault on the church directly through the graveyard itself.

Yea wow, true story

Sneak sneak they go, fist stop the tower just inside that showed a big old super evil presence on the radar. A slight attempt to crack the door open and peak inside.
The door was ripped open from the rangers hands and a HUGE zombie (oger once maybe?) uppercuts him flying into the air towards the big throng of shambling zombies milling around the church.
The team just learned a valuable lesson. Some undead sense the living and can’t be snuck up on.
The rest of the team noticed the big bad was chained and confined to the tower so they just slammed the door shut and noped the fuck away from that crap.

Moving on they discovered the throng of dead walking the graveyard where not very GOOD zombies and went down rather easy. So let’s do a mental montage of teamwork moving thru a zombie throng ala “walking dead”

Lots of dead zombies (well more dead then normal) and I don’t think a single hit from them landed on the party.

Then they get to the door and it LOCKED!
Ok bash the door in as the throng closes in around them. In the door and…

Little time to take in the surroundings as a REAL big bad takes the offensive. Huge thing with boney spikes jutting out from his body. Bony spikes that he could launch at the party like flying daggers (and he do that) or grab somebody and impale them with his hard bony protrusions (…./snicker)
It was a testy fight since the druid had to try and keep the throng from getting in the door they bashed down to get in. But in time they managed to bring the freak down (elite brute aberrant CR3) and bar the door. With the zombies stuck outside and them stuck inside they tried to make the best of things.
Search and seizure followed by a long rest till daylight cleared some of the undead away.

Among the things found was a log detailing some nameless warlock getting help from the “others” to raise his undead army in his assistance with the raising of the “vrock” (no clue what that is yet) Along with the warlock was his big brawn lackey named BoB. From the notes it was gathered that the warlock was not strong enough to control the army at night yet so he would leave and return during the day.

So the party planned to stay there and ambush him. As if the total demolishing of most his army and the church wouldn’t give him advance warning

Again…not the smartest

So skip to the moment, sorry no surprise on either side but the team WAS wise enough to funnel the warlock and his team of adventure killers to a single doorway.
I will say at least there they pulled some great action. Close quarter fighting against extremely over powered opponents seems to be a forte for them.

A blow by blow description is hard to give but think of it along the lines of the church fight scene in the Kingsmen film and your close.
Probably the oddest part was the addition of the dwarf, the last survivor of another adventuring party, that decided it was a good time to attack the warlocks crew as they were engaged in combat. (enter player #5)

Too bad he did that just as the warlock sprung his AE mind control spell.

The slayer was charmed and sent against the party. The ranger got his shot in first and gutted the fellow in pieces on a single hit (Hey Vic, welcome to D&D)

Ok I have to leave for work soon and need to finish this up. Fast ending

They killed the killing crew, The dwarf had to get evicted from the game for being a dick (it happens), the warlock ran out of spells and tried to run like a bitch. The pally gave chase, the bad guy ran to the tower to release the other big bad that was chained up. Just as he got there the pally fired off her begotten crown thingy and had the warlock/necro/whatever attack the big bad green ogre thing instead.

Getting himself pummeled like a squashed grape in return.

The pally just closed the door again and returned to her comrades to help heal all the wounds.

Jezzus beezus guys it’s meant to be a role play game, not an 8 hour slugfest of blood and gore!

So they dinged, I will get with Ken on his side thing as soon as I can.

See ya Sat



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